Robot Restaurant – The Weirdest and Most Brilliant Show in Tokyo

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

I first heard about Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. While it didn’t seem to capture much about traditional Japanese culture, it seemed to be the craziest, weirdest, yet most brilliant show I’ve ever heard about, so when I brought my father on a trip to Japan, I was determined to include it in our schedule. It didn’t disappoint.


Mar 11, 2018 by Jeff Marder

The Ultimate Guide to AmEx Platinum Card Benefits

AmEx Platinum Benefits

I make no secret of my love for the AmEx Business Platinum card, which is why I’m dedicating an entire post to the card. Any benefits I mention here can be found on both the personal and business versions of the Platinum card, and in the event a benefit is only available on one particular version of the card, I’ll specify.


Feb 21, 2018 by Jeff Marder

The Ultimate Guide to AmEx Membership Rewards – Part 5

AmEx Membership Rewards

Now that you’ve amassed a healthy collection of Membership Rewards points, what do you do now? Here I’ll offer some options for how to get the most value from using your points.


Feb 13, 2018 by Jeff Marder

The Ultimate Guide to AmEx Membership Rewards – Part 4

AmEx Membership Rewards

Turbocharge Your Earnings with AmEx Offers and Benefits

When you log into your AmEx account online, if you scroll to the bottom of the home page you’ll see a section called AmEx Offers and Benefits. This can be an excellent resource for earning tons of extra points with minimal spend. While the overwhelming majority of these offers include modest discounts from various vendors, if you browse through this section regularly you’ll occasionally find some excellent return on investment for spending. I’ve earned 10,000 additional points for spending $250 on clothing that I already needed, 1,000 points for purchasing $25 worth of shaving supplies, and an additional 1,000 points for sending some Valentine’s Day flowers.


Feb 7, 2018 by Jeff Marder

The Ultimate Guide to AmEx Membership Rewards – Part 3

AmEx Membership Rewards

One of the great things about American Express is that they offer a seemingly endless array of credit and charge card products, both for personal and business use. Often, the personal and business versions of the same cards offer different signup bonuses and different perks. Therefore, it’s always worth researching both options. Even if you’re not a business owner with an LLC or an S-Corp in your name, most people these days have a legitimate money making venture that qualifies as a business. If you teach piano, do dog walking part-time, sell homemade crafts on Etsy, you have legitimate business expenses that qualify you to apply for a business credit card.


Feb 1, 2018 by Jeff Marder