If you do any online shopping and belong to any frequent flyer programs, you should consider doing as much of your shopping as possible through the shopping portal of your frequent flyer program of choice. It could yield you tens of thousands of additional frequent flyer miles without ever having to wait in a security line. Some of the most popular airlines with shopping portals include American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, United, and Virgin American, just to name a few.

Here’s How It Works

You’ll log into the shopping portal of your frequent flyer program of choice, which will lead you to the list of vendors offering deals along with the number of miles per dollar they’re offering. These are the very same vendors that many of us already use, including all of the major department stores, electronics stores, furniture dealers, flower delivery services, and much more, so there’s no need to change your regular routine.

Simply choose the vendor whose website you’d like to visit and click the link, which will take you to the very same website you’d arrive at if you had simply gone directly there without taking a moment to stop at your airline’s shopping portal.

The next step is to shop as you normally would. You’ll receive an email, usually within a few days, telling you how many frequent flyer points you earned, and you’ll see those points applied on your next mileage statement.

It’s that easy!

Consider This Example

I recently had to send a bouquet of flowers to Japan, so I logged into my shopping portal of choice and saw that I could earn 30 miles per dollar spent through a major flower deliver service. My purchase cost $112. Multiply this by 30 miles per dollar equals 3,360 miles earned! That’s more miles than flying one way from New York City to Dublin, Ireland! Of course, 30 miles per dollar spent is unusually high, but it’s quite common to earn as much as 5 to 10 miles per dollar.


This method is especially useful when furnishing a home, purchasing a new wardrobe, or buying major electronics as these types of purchases allow you to quickly earn a whole lot of miles without doing anything differently from what you’d ordinarily do. You’ll still be able to reap the benefits of any discounts and sales already being offered by the vendors, with the only difference being that you’ll also earn miles for your purchases. Add to that any miles you’ll earn from using a credit card that offers travel benefits and you’ll find yourself as happy as if you just received a business class upgrade the next time you view your frequent flyer statement.